21st Century Challenges

We live in an exciting and turbulent era. Humanity seems to know no bounds, reaching exceptional achievements such as conquering space, cracking the DNA code, innovative communications technology and revolutions in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence. However, the human species also faces extraordinary challenges, such as the growing world population, global warming, energy and food shortages, and the growing threat of terrorism.

History has taught us that significant challenges such as these can be translated into specific problems to be solved, and for which we can, with the help of inspiration, cutting edge technology, cooperation and determination, find sophisticated solutions.

The IDC Beyond program was designed with this goal in mind: it is a program for outstanding and motivated young adults who want to make a global impact.

During the program the participants will be presented with a selection of the most significant 21st century challenges in the fields of sustainability, biomedicine, psychology, technology and globalization. The program combines traditional classes with advanced teaching methods from the “flipped classroom”, as well as educational tours to companies in the relevant industries around Israel.

Students will be guided by leading industry mentors and will work in groups to identify specific problems that touch upon these challenges and come up with creative solutions.

The following is a partial list of topics, lectures and educational tours
in the various verticals within the framework of the 21st century challenges.


  • Climate Change: Future Implications for Life on Earth
  • Population Growth and Migration
  • The Energy Trilemma
  • Smart Energy


  • International Police and Law Enforcement Cooperation
  • Crisis Situations, Disasters and Citizens’ Engagement
  • The Global Challenge of Counter-Terrorism
  • The Developing Threat of Cyber Terrorism


  • Overview of Existing and Future Counter-Terrorism Technology
  • Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Social Robotics: Redefining Our Relationship with Machines
  • 3D Printing, Future Materials, Nano-Biotechnology, Nano-Robotics

Bio-Medicine- In collaboration with Mayo Clinic

  • Aging: Improving the Quality of Aging and Extending Life Expectancy
  • Wellbeing: Coping in an Age of Over-Connectivity
  • Digital Health
  • Personal / Precision Medicine