About the Program

Humanity seems to know no bounds, reaching exceptional achievements, yet it also faces extraordinary challenges. History has taught us that these challenges can be translated into specific problems to be solved. The IDC Beyond program was designed with this goal in mind: it is a program for outstanding and motivated young adults who will have global impact.

21st Century Challenges

The human species faces extraordinary challenges, such as the growing world population, global warming, energy and food shortages, and the growing threat of terrorism. Students will work in groups to identify specific problems that touch upon these challenges and come up with creative solutions.

Venture Creation

We teach the entrepreneurial process from beginning to end – from ideation to implementation. Top faculty and industry mentors accompany the students, teaching, guiding and inspiring them throughout the process.

Hands-on Tools

These are taught in workshops that aim to train students to be able to independently establish their ventures, and to support them in early stages when they have few staff members and limited resources.

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Educational Tours

It is necessary to encounter the factors causing the problems and challenges, as well as those who are trying to solve them. The work of any entrepreneur cannot be disconnected from their environment. Students will participate in educational tours both locally and abroad.

MBA Courses

Entrepreneurs need to understand every facet of their business, be it finance, accounting or strategy. IDC Beyond will equip students with a basic understanding of the subjects they need in order to run a successful venture.


For outstanding teams that have presented a prototype or proof of concept, IDC Beyond offers them the opportunity to continue in the program’s accelerator for an additional 10 weeks, free of charge.

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