The IDC Beyond program includes:

  • 14 weeks of fascinating and in-depth study of 21st century challenges
  • 22 weeks of venture creation
  • 10 additional weeks in the accelerator for outstanding teams
  • 18 days dedicated to study tours around Israel
  • Leading mentors from the industry
  • Dozens of hands-on management and entrepreneurship workshops
  • Meetings with investors: Angel, VC and Corporate
  • Scholarships for outstanding candidates
  • An option to choose any MA/MBA program at IDC for 50% of the tuition. *

Tuition: $ 20,000 US
(In the first year of the program, IDC will offer scholarships of $10,000 US for outstanding candidates.)

* IDC Beyond is an academic certificate program that focuses on entrepreneurship and venture creation. Although the program does not grant academic degrees, alumni can choose to continue their studies and go on to earn an MA or MBA from IDC, at 50% of the regular tuition.