What characteristics and values do you need to become an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurship research and IDC’s rich experience in this realm reveal that there are clear answers to this question. The registration process, which opens in February of every year and continues until July, focuses significantly on these characteristics and values in order to form a group of high quality with above average chances of success.

According to Sternberg and Lubart’s investment model, six critical
individual components are important for creativity and innovation:


A supportive, enriching and inspiring environment is extremely important for encouraging creativity and innovation. The environment needs to include experts, mentors, and partners in the creative process, and factors that allow for the creation of synergy. We consider all of these factors to be an integral part of the IDC Beyond program.


In the words of Thomas Edison, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”
He was right. Alongside the environment is motivation which translates into hard work and perseverance. This seems to be the most important component of an entrepreneur.


Studies show that entrepreneurs and creative people have higher than average IQs. However, the relationship between IQ and creativity is non-linear. With an IQ of over 120 there is in fact no difference in the tendency for creativity.


In general, people create and innovate in the areas that they are most familiar with and know well. Therefore, apart from the requirement of an undergraduate degree (in one of various disciplines), IDC Beyond also includes in-depth study of a number of subjects. Outside of that, every team selects a certain topic and will be required to conduct in-depth research in preparation for the ideation stage.

Cognitive Style

The way of thinking, and especially the ability to identify and define specific, clear and significant problems, is directly related to the level of creativity and innovation.


Various components of personality have been found to have a positive correlation with creativity and we seek participants who exhibit all these components. They include high alertness and energy levels, open to experimentation, a balanced personality, a preference for complex issues, high confidence and self-control, independence and willingness to take risks.