The Interdisciplinary Center’s name reflects its commitment to the ideal of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary studies. This ideal, coupled with diversity, is essential for coping with the reality of the modern world and is critical to creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation.


The IDC Beyond program will be both culturally and professionally diverse. The group will consist of students from Israel and all over the world, from countries such as India, China, Germany and the United States, and will be made up of people from multiple disciplines and industries.
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The registration process focuses not only on academic achievement, but also on the characteristics and values essential to entrepreneurs. The goal is to form a group of high quality participants with above average chances of success.
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Program tuition is $20,000 US.
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IDC provides merit based and needs based scholarships. IDC Beyond also offers a number of scholarships for outstanding candidates or for candidates that cannot afford tuition.
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Entrepreneurs need to understand every facet of their business, be it finance, accounting or strategy. IDC Beyond will equip students with a basic understanding of the subjects they need in order to run a successful venture.
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