Participants of 2017

Amir Hayari

Amir Hayari is a consultant at Zion Oil & Gas, where he is involved in project production, economic analysis, engineering and well design. Amir holds a BSc. in Mechanical Engineering from Ben Gurion, where he specialized in fluid mechanics, an ME, from the Technion, school of Energy Engineering specializing in Petroleum Engineering.  Amir is a PADI certified scuba diving instructor certifying over 150 divers and served in the elite Maglan unit.

Guy Kaufman

COO FinTech Company
IAF Senior leadership position.
Guy joins IDC beyond after a position as a COO at a leading Fintech company, previously Guy held several leadership positions in the Israeli Airforce.
Guy holds BA in Computer Science from the Technicon, and MSc in Neuroscience from Weizmann institute suma cum laude.
Guy is an avid triathlete and enjoys kitesurfing.

Chen Yakar

Chen Yakar‭, ‬holds a BSc in Biology from the Hebrew University‭, ‬where he focused his studies on Bio-technology‭. ‬He currently works in electronics in the IDF‭, ‬Chen has held research positions at New York University College of Dentistry‭, ‬City College Bioengineering Department‭, ‬Hebrew University and Weizmann Institute Protein Design Labs‭, ‬and Eli Lilly’s ImClone Systems‭. ‬Chen made Aliyah from New Jersey in 2010‭ ‬and has a Skipper’s license from the IMOT‭. ‬‮ ‬

Emanuel Benhamou

Social entrepreneur turned operations guru; Manny specializes in building organizations and programs from the ground up.

Manny comes to IDC from Silicon Valley where he headed Operations and Business Development for Y-Combinator backed start-up, Gigwell. Before working in tech, Benhamou spent 10 years in the international affairs arena, where he launched a non-profit initiative aimed at supporting liberal activists in the Middle East and North Africa. He spent a week with the Free Syrian Army while producing his own independent documentary titled, “Syria: A Fire Within.” Benhamou has worked as a Counter-Terrorism Analyst for the US Department of Defense and conducted policy analysis on Capitol Hill for the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Boston University’s College of Communication and a Master of Political Science from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service.

Idit Podoler

Idit has more than ten years of experience in leading, managing and carrying out projects in the real estate field. Idit was the CEO of BKF Commercial Centers which led Ramat Ishai “Street Mall” entrepreneurial initiative. Idit holds an LL.B in Law and has been active in organizations such as “S’char-Mitzva” and “Halev BaMishpat”- providing legal assistance to people with low socioeconomic status and “Shiur Acher” a teaching program to bridge socioeconomic gaps. Idit served as an Education Officer with the Naval Commandos (Shayetet 13) and enjoys triathlons and competitive road cycling.

Michal Roizman

Michal has a background in interactive communications achieving dean’s list honors for two consecutive years. Michal has been researching the effects of robots and technology on humans, published an academic paper on this topic and has been invited to lecture on the issue of Robots and Ethics, for both BA and Masters’ students. Michal has participated in the 11th annual ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction in New Zealand. Michal volunteers as with the ‘Beshvil’ organization, and is a member of the Prowoman Association. During her IDF service, Michal was a control room operator at helicopter squadron, managing 24/7 search and rescue flights, today Michal is still active in reserve duty.

Omer Davidi

Omer is an Entrepreneur. Holds MSc in Computer Science from the IDC. Specializes in Cyber Security. Currently Omer is a member of the management team in Gvahim project. He acts as a security & technology consultant for several start-ups as well as co-founding some of his own, including high & low tech companies.Omer was also the Israeli champion in equestrian show-jumping. The program for me is an opportunity to do something meaningful. The combination of great minds from various fields, industry and academia, who face global challenges on daily basis, could and should lead to something great!

Rachel Ben Shoshe

Rachel has a track record of success in project management, leading projects across a wide spectrum of fields, including in research and development for Hewlett Packard, Johnson & Johnson and as consultant for leading firms in different industries implementing LEAN method and process improvement for business excellence.
Rachel holds a BSc. In Industrial and Management Engineering and is currently MBA student @IDC in Innovation & Entrepreneurship track.
Has volunteered as a mentor and consultant for a number of NGOs, including the Nova Project.
She is a Circle Leader at and started a ‘Women in Startups’ circle and a LeanIn Israel Facebook page.
Rachel was a logistics officer in the IDF Armored Brigade (in reserves), reaching the rank of Captain.

Vera Gutman

Vera is a Space and Mechanical engineer at SPACEIALIST. Vera works to promote and coordinate STEM Educational Programs that focus on Near Space Experimentation- stratospheric balloon experiments, Space Camp and Nano Satellites, previously Vera was an AMOS communications satellite operator in Israel Aerospace Industry.  Vera holds a B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering from Tel Aviv University and participated in the International Space University Summer Study Program in 2015, which was held in Ohio, USA. During her IDF service, Vera attained the rank of First Lieutenant in the Logistics Corps in the Education Division. Vera is radio amateur certified by the Israeli Ministry of Communications (Class D) and is proficient in English, Russian and Hebrew

Tal Yannay

Tal most recently has worked on mineral exploration projects in Chile, where he designed and created a multi-vector visualization tool for geological big data presentation. He has previously been involved in machine learning and big data visualization projects with Disney. Tal holds a BA in Computer Science from IDC Herzliya, is a pianist and enjoys kite surfing.

Guy Bronfeld

Guy has a background in business development, marketing and sales and experience in research and analysis. Guy holds a degree in Economics from the IDC and Commanded a team of 12 soldiers operating the patriot missile. Guy is also a Chess Tutor having been ranked in the top 15 Israel Chess Player’s Youth Division. Guy also enjoys thai boxing and meditation.

Keren Greengrass

Keren most recently worked as an Economist at Strauss Group. She graduated Cum Laude from the IDC with a degree in Economics and a specialization in Sustainability. Keren has been active in initiatives such as the “Nova Project”, “Students teaching Students”, as an English teacher at a shelter for children and as a mentor at the IDC’s “Young Entrepreneurs” program. Keren also volunteered during her degree in the student welfare division at the IDC Student Union. During her military service, Keren served in the Airforce, receiving awards for excellence.

Nave Antopolsky

Nave has traveled the world working as a filmmaker and humanitarian activist. Currently Nave is involved in “My Promised Land” a feature documentary film based on the book by Ari Shavit and produced by HBO. Previously worked on “Voices of Tohoku” a community archive project that collecting video testimonies from the survivors of The Earthquake and Tsunami of March 2011 and on “State194” where he was granted unprecedented access to then Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and his journey to establish a viable Palestinian State. Nave holds a BFA from Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem and served as a combat medic with the Nahal Brigade.

Shauli Rejwan

Shauli Rejwan is a CPA with a B.A. in Accounting and Business from the Arison School of Business at IDC Herzliya.
Shauli has been working at his family’s office as a Junior CFO for six years and has interned at PwC Israel for one year. In parallel, Shauli has founded Dutcharge – a shared payment application. In the IDF, he served as a Combat fitness instructor in the Air Force and has received 3 awards of excellence during his service. His main hobby is free-flying model aircraft and has also achieved 2nd place in the Juniors World Championship for free-flying aircraft

Anna Kulik

We moved to Israel 3 years ago together with my family to start anew. I have been working in marketing and business analysis with clean-tech, biomed, telecommunication, real estate, architecture, advertising companies for more than 10 years. Currently, I am working in a consultancy boutique with well-known US and Israeli companies and startups with aim to bring life changing technologies to the new markets. Being an entrepreneur by spirit, only 20 years old, I have founded my first successful business venture in Moscow in a healthcare field; created an educational movie about creativity and logical thinking; played in a popular Russian television series, while completing the first degree at the Russian State Humanitarian University in social psychology. Due to an interest in marketing and business consulting, I went on to complete a MBA from the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. From 2014 I studied strategy consulting and entrepreneurship in IDC GMBA Track, and in 2015 started a new business initiative in Israel aiming to bring disruptive medical technologies to CIS and Russian Markets.

Lee Ben Yosef

Lee Ben Yosef is an entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of VaporaTM – an innovative inhaler for medical cannabis. Invented a patent-pending technology, in order to help patients to consume their medication safely and effectively. Lee graduated in Industrial Design studies at ‘Bezalel Art and Design Academy’ and acquired diplomas in “Medical Cannabis Science & Business” and “Medical Device Development” from the ‘Technion’. From the age of 22 Lee owned and managed businesses, with nine years experience in marketing in the US and Europe.

Benny Hakak

Benny holds a BA in Economics and Psychology from Tel Aviv University and currently works as a Business Development executive for a Communications company, and is a Board Member of the 8200 Alumni Tech-Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator. Previously he worked in the Prime Minister’s Office cyber department, and has consulted as part of the Nova project. Benny has worked as a Government Committee Co-coordinator in the Israeli National Committee for the War against Poverty, co-writing the final report. During his military service he served in a number of positions in the 8200 Unit, including instructor and as a commander.

Yonat Listenberg

Yonat has a background in International Business and Finance, She holds a BA, International Business Administration from Lauder School of Business. She recently completed an internship with Bank Hapoalim’s Financial division, International division. Previously she held PR marketing and customer service positions at various companies, Yonat served as an operational command soldier in the Navy.

Chen Tamir

Chen Tamir was most recently involved with Mandel Foundation working on various projects in the alumni department, building the academic infrastructure for the “Field Consultants” program, and filling a number of roles within the project including as a teaching assistant and a new media consultant. Previously Chen worked with the spokespersons department of MK Yael Cohen Paran, at the Israeli Delegation to the United Nations and held an internship at the office of MK Karin Elharrar. Chen holds a BA in Government from the IDC, and previously spent a year at Jackson State, Missisippi on a full basketball scholarship.

Samuel Scheer

Samuel Scheer is a recent graduate of Singularity University, holds a BA and an MA in Business Management from the University of St Gallen in Switzerland. At 21, Samuel founded NoTube, a telemedicine startup helping feeding tube dependent children learn to eat now employing a staff of 20 in Austria. He has since been involved in the founding of numerous companies and has lived on 4 continents for extended periods of time. Samuel was awarded the National Medal of Merit for special dedication to the Austrian armed forces, speaks German, English, French, Hebrew, and basic Mandarin and enjoys CrossFit and ballroom dancing.

Dady Kadyshewich

David (Dady) Kadyshewich is an Associate at Alfa Sustainable Projects Ltd., one of Israel premiere sustainability consulting firms. Dady managed the Integrated Design Process for the Hadera Kindergarten, Israel’s first Zero Energy Building, and was the Green building and sustainability consultant for Google’s TLV offices. In addition, Dady was a managing member of Israel’s Ministry of Defense “Smart Bases” Project, providing strategies for achieving Net Zero Energy, Water, and Waste . Dady served in the Israeli Navy as a Patrol Ship Commander and as Head of the Simulator Department (Capt, Res.). Dady is a certified tour guide, enjoys carpentry and blacksmithing, and is experienced piano player

Lidor Levy

Lidor is an experienced lawyer having spent six years in IDF Military Advocate General, where among other roles Lidor commanded and directed courses for Legal Officers and lectured on subjects concerning military law, reaching the rank of Captain. More recently Lidor has been a Real Estate Legal Advisor for the IDF director of residential projects, Commercial Law Advisor For “Hever Consumers Club” and Marketing Manager for boutique urban renewal real estate company in the Tel Aviv region, he holds an LL.B from Bar Ilan University and an M.R.E from the Technion.

Lidor Enjoys surfing and snowbording.

Itai Kanot

Itai holds a BA, in Economics and Sustainability from the IDC achieving Dean’s List Honors. During his degree Itai was active in student affairs, he was elected as class representative, volunteered in the sustainability and environment department in the IDC Student Union, was a Stand With Us Fellow and participated in the StartUp Class. In 2013 Itai received his commission as a platoon commander during his reserves duty in the IDF Paratroopers Brigade without officers school. Itai has worked as a beekeeper for the majority of his life and has recently finished building his house with his own two hands.

Eric Handel

Eric holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry and has Over 20 years of research experience. Among them over 10 years of technology R&D activities in electro optic production environment. Eric has vast experience with Physics, Chemistry, Programming/modeling, and manufacturing. He has five published papers and holds seven patents in the area of electro optics. Eric speaks basic Russian and served in Airforce Intelligence

Idan Cohen

Idan holds a BA in Communications from the IDC, Recently he was executive assistant to the CEO of Atarim and Chief of Operations and Administration officer Defensive Shield Holdings LTD. Previously he managed the Israeli cultural TV Channel in Canada. Idan served as head of the IDF spokespersons bureau.

Tal Kreisler

Tal holds a degree in Law and Business Administration from the IDC. He has experience in building finance and strategic planning companies. He also has experience in the entertainment industry. He is a nightlife entrepreneur as partner and manager of the Dizzyfrishdon bar, in Tel Aviv

Sean Gura

Sean Gura is a recent graduate of the University of Florida, holds a BA and MSc in Finance, and studied at the University of Pennsylvania. At 19, Sean Co-founded uVendors, an ecommerce site for Universities and Colleges meant for students to exchange education related items to make their education more affordable. He has since been involved in the fields of private equity and wealth management conducting research and valuations. Sean recently trekked over 250km in South America and enjoys Snowboarding and Skiing.

Zhu Xuejun (Frank)

Frank is currently the CTO of Jiangsu Maidao AgroChem Corporation.
Previously he was responsible for the integration of ADAMA into ChemChina, he holds a PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and was responsible for R&D project initiation at the Tsinghua University School of Life Sciences. Frank has previously conducted research into anti-diabetes drugs and was a visiting scholar at Sanford- Burnham Medical Research Institute.

Joanne Khouryati

Joanne Khouryati is currently Executive Director of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) College in Human Resources Branch. Joanne brings to the position extensive experience at the CBSA, including, notably, working as the Chief of Staff to the President of the CBSA, Director of Enterprise Risk Management, and as manager of the National Risk Assessment Centre.
During her years 17 years in the Public Service, Joanne has worked in a number of departments and held interesting positions within the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT), Department of National Defence (DND), Privy Council Office (PCO) and the Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS). Before joining the Public Service, Joanne spent 3 years working at the House of Commons as advisor to the Government Deputy Whip and to the Minister of Canadian Heritage.
Joanne has a Masters of Arts Degree, Specialisation in International Relations, from the University of Ottawa. Upon being granted a bursary by the Italian Government, Joanne conducted research for her masters’ thesis, in Italian, as a visiting student at the Universita di Perugia, in Perugia, Italy, and subsequently wrote her thesis in Italian. She is fluent in English, French and Italian. In addition, she studied Arabic, and has limited proficiency in speaking, reading and writing. In November 2015, Joanne was nominated by the President of the CBSA to participate in the Certificate Program in Public Sector Leadership and Governance, at the University of Ottawa

Hilla Singer

Hilla is a fashion designer, graduate of Shenkar. She holds a Master’s degree from the Insitut Francais de La Mode in Paris, She has worked with leading fashion houses such as Nina Ricci and Louis Vuitton in their shoes and accessories departments. She has also worked as a vendor, supervising all stages of approval and creation of the collection. Hilla has held internships in the lingerie departments of leading brands, and has won recognition and awards for her design.

Alexandra Ganor

Alexandra holds a BA in Political Science and Far East Studies with a Major in Chinese, she was a project director for a public diplomacy program in co ordination with StandWithUs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Alexandra has worked for El Al and most recently as the marketing manager for a mobile social gaming company, where she was part of the team that led the acquisition of the company for 39 mil.

Jennifer Guz

Jennifer holds a Masters in Organizational Behavior and Development from the IDC, She is co-founder and a player in Israel beach Volleyball National team, she is the current national champion and has competed at an international level. Jennifer is a representative and spokeswoman of Athena, the only organization that supports Israeli women in sports.

David Kishony

David holds a degree in political science and business from The Hebrew University Jerusalem.
David is an investment banker at Edmond De Rothchild and has worked as a lobbyist and an analyst.

Emily Elhacham

Emily holds a Masters in Chemistry from Tel Aviv University
She has conducted research in the areas of molecular programming, atmospheric science research,Nanotechnology, Biophysics and Stem Cells in many universtities including California Institute of Technology and MIT.
Emily holds over 10 prizes and awards for her research and her work on the atmospheric impact of coastline-intensive anthropogenic activities has been published numerous times.
Emily has been active in educational programs that promote science education amongst Israeli youth, specifically amongst girls and those who live in the socio-economic periphery.

Gill Shmuel

Gill earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at IDC. She has worked for both technology companies and in various welfare initiatives and volunteer projects. She aims to connect the social and commercial worlds with projects such as ‘OOB’, an organization She founded which funds scholarships for orphans by selling craftworks of women in Kenya. In her free time, she enjoys music, practicing Acroyoga and surfing.