Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions

The program spans 36 weeks. The first 14 weeks are dedicated to in-depth learning about 21st Century Challenges. The remaining weeks will be dedicated to the venture creation process, as well as to acquiring hands-on practical tools that support this process.

We accept only the most exceptional candidates. This doesn’t necessarily mean only those with the highest grades (although these are essential). We are also looking for candidates who are driven, motivated and passionate, and who want to make a global impact. Candidates must be able to work well in a team and be willing to learn and support their peers.

IDC Beyond is a one-year full time program for people who are looking to create their own venture that will have global impact. The studies are intensive and require dedication and energy. Therefore it would not be possible to work in a full time job while participating in the program.

No, candidates must have at least completed their undergraduate degree.

Studies have shown that heterogeneous teams of individuals from many different backgrounds and various disciplines have a higher chance of success than homogenous teams. The reason for this is rooted in the fact that multiple perspectives are important when integrating ideas in order to create something new.
The group assembled for the IDC Beyond program will be both culturally and professionally diverse. Culturally, the group will comprise 20 participants from Israel alongside 20 participants from all over the world, from countries such as India, China, Germany, the United States and many others. Professionally, participants will come from various fields, such as natural sciences, life sciences, engineering, computer science, law, business, communications, graphic design, the arts and humanities.

The basic tuition for the IDC Beyond program is $ 20,000 US. In addition, all IDC Beyond alumni are offered the option of choosing to study in any MA/MBA program at IDC for 50% of the tuition.

IDC provides merit based and needs based scholarships. IDC Beyond also offers a number of scholarships for outstanding candidates or for candidates that cannot afford tuition. For more information, please contact ase@idc.ac.il

For the first year of the program, IDC will offer scholarships of $10,000 for outstanding candidates.

No. Although all the courses, workshops and the bulk of the teamwork will be on campus, each week there will be a study trip in Israel relevant to that week’s subject.

IDC Beyond is a certificate granting academic program. Focusing on entrepreneurship and venture creation the program does not grant academic degrees. However, after the completion of the core 36 weeks (21st century challenges + venture creation), alumni who decide to continue with their venture can choose to continue studying at IDC in one of the MA/MBA graduate programs. Tuition is only 50%. Some of IDC Beyond courses will be accredited as electives/specialization courses by the MA/MBA graduate programs.

Once the program ends, each team is welcome and encouraged to continue with their venture. We offer outstanding teams that have presented a prototype or proof of concept by the end of the program, the opportunity to continue in the program’s accelerator for an additional 10 weeks, free of charge. This includes full access to all IDC’s resources, as well as to the faculty and mentors from the program.

IDC Beyond is run under the auspices of the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship, led by the Dean, Prof. Yair Tauman. Dr. Yossi Maaravi is the Program Head. Members of the faculty are leading academics in their fields of research. In addition to top professors, participants will also work closely with and be exposed to leading mentors and professionals from the various relevant industries.

Registration opens February 1, 2016 and closes on August 31, 2016.

If you any questions, please contact beyond@idc.ac.il