Startup Nation

Israel: Small Country, Big Dreams and Accomplishments

Renowned for its innovation, Israel has become a leader in the global startup ecosystem.  Israel has achieved this position despite its size and small population, and is considered in many respects, a wonder.


A pharmaceutical
company with
a global market
value of $43 billion.

Netafim Drip Irrigation

Netafim manufactures a drip irrigation method which has global sales of $232 million. There are currently about 40 billion Netafim drip irrigation systems in more than 20 million acres of territory around the world.

Cherry Tomatoes

This popular cultivar of tomato was developed in Israel and is sold worldwide. The seeds of the tomatoes are one of Israel’s important export industries.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Israel developed the first modern aircraft without a human pilot onboard. The UAV has had tremendous operational success over the years and is used by the US military.

USB Flash Drive

The Israeli invention of a data storage device, Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface, led to a revolution in the technology world.

Check Point

A security company
founded by veterans of
Unit 8200, an elite IDF
intelligence unit.
Today it employs 4,700
people worldwide.

Multinationals have long realized the value of Israel as a global innovation leader. At present, global giants have established more than 200 R&D centers in Israel, including: