About IDCBeyound

IDC Beyond is a full-time one-year graduate level program for entrepreneurial leadership and global impact. The program offers outstanding young academics the opportunity to go through the entire entrepreneurial process – from problem identification to venture creation, eventually establishing real-world companies to tackle significant global challenges. We believe that this is a unique and special form of higher education that caters to a new audience, with a clear emphasis on real-life problem solving capabilities.

The Startup Nation

Renowned for its innovation, Israel has become a leader in the global startup ecosystem. Israel has achieved this position despite its size and small population, and is considered in many respects a wonder.

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About IDC

IDC Herzliya is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in education and research and to the training of future leaders by providing educational programs which combine academic study with practical, hands-on training and encourage innovative thinking.

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Entrepreneurship at IDC

The Adelson School of Entrepreneurship’s interdisciplinary approach to entrepreneurship studies combines rigorous academic work and real world experience, mentorship and networking opportunities from the entrepreneurial business community.

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